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How to Use Our-Town Webmail

Logging In/Checking for New Messages
 1.  From our homepage click "Check Webmail".
 2.  You will be taken to a page that says, "Welcome to Horde", prompting you for your username and password.
 3.  Type in your username, this will be the first part of your email address.   (Example: If your email address is, your username will be johnsmith97)
 4.  Now you will be in your inbox where you should see any new emails.
 5.  Click on the subject line of the email to view the email.
Send a simple email
 1.  To send an email, click "compose" at the top of the page, which will open a new window to compose your email.
 2.  Put the email address you want to send to in the "To:" field.
 3.  Type a subject.
 4.  Type your message in the large field labeled "Text".
 5.  When you are ready to send your message, click the "Send Message" button below the "Text" field.


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