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FTP Instructions [for uploading to your Our-Town personal web space]

In order to get content that has been developed in applications other than MSTM FrontPageŠ, the content (html pages, graphics, etc…) must be published (copied) up to the server via File Transmission Protocol (AKA FTP). **Most webdesign applications are capable of doing this.**
If your webdesign program does not support FTP or if you need a FTP Client, we have available WSFTP_Le and CuteFTP. These shareware programs are made available without support
and you are encouraged to use at your own risk.


These instructions are for PERSONAL users
(those of you that will be accessing your PERSONAL space

The HOST or DESTINATION address is to be

When prompted, type in your DIAL-UP username and password.
It will look something like this:

(this is the “Connection” screen from IPSWITCH’s “wsftp_le” FTP program)

After you have successfully logged in most FTP applications will have
“Local” (where the web content is now) and “Remote” (where you want to publish to) fields.

To publish your content, select all the files in the “Local” window.
 Click in the “local” window and press CTRL+A should highlight all the files.


Click and hold on one of the files, and then drag the files to the “Remote” window and release.

This will start the transfer process. You may be prompted for permission to “Overwrite” existing files.

If you are sure that you want to publish the content,

click on “OK” or “Copy” or what ever your FTP application asks.


Once the files are copied, your site content is published!

Browse to to view your page/site!




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