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Windows ME Internet Setup Instructions

Please note: These are minimum setup instructions and do not cover all possibilities with regard to optimizing your Internet connection or your Windows ME Operating System.  Our-Town Internet Service cannot guarantee your connection reliability.  We are able to provide only limited technical support via telephone if you have problems setting up your system.  Setup, configuration and optimization of your system in our offices are FREE for all new customers.  Re-installs or setups on additional computers are a minimum $30 charge.

Step 1: Configuring Network Protocols
If your computer is on a network, please consult your network administrator before making changes to your network configurations.
 1.  Click on Start, then Settings, then Control Panel.  Click on Network.
 2.  Ensure only the following items are installed: Client for Microsoft Networks, Dial-Up Adapter and TCP/IP.
 3.  Click TCP/IP and then click on Properties.
 4.  Under the IP Address tab: IP address is automatically assigned.
 5.  Under the WINS Resolution tab: WINS Resolution is disabled.
 6.  Under the Gateway tab: Gateway is, click Add.
 7.  Under the DNS Configuration tab: Enable DNS.  Host: your username, Domain:, DNS Server Search Order: (click add) and (click add) and domain suffix search order:
8.  Click OK, then OK again.  You will most likely have to restart your computer afterwards for the new settings to take effect. 
Step 2: Configuring Dial-Up Networking
1.  Click on My Computer, then Dial-Up Networking. 
2.  Click on Make New Connection. 
3.  The Phone Number is 965-1367 and the Connection Name is Our-Town.
4.  Right-click on the new Our-Town connection.  Select Properties.
5.  Uncheck Use Area Code and Dialing Properties.
6.  Under the tab Server Types, uncheck everything except TCP/IP.
7.  Click on the Settings (or Properties) button next to TCP/IP.
8.  Server Assigned IP Address should be selected.
9.  Specify DNS Servers: Primary:, Secondary:
10.  Click on OK, then OK again.
Step 3: Click here to Configure Internet Options


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