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Technical Support Center

Setup Instructions

Simple troubleshooting tips for Our-Town's high speed fixed wireless Internet service.

Internet Setup - Setup instructions to get you connected with Dialup service. We are able to provide limited technical support via telephone if you have problems setting up your system.

Outlook Express [E-mail] Setup - Setup instructions for Outlook Express, your e-mail program.

Hosted Domain FAQ and support

If you need extra Hosted Domain support, please with any questions concerning your Our-Town Hosted Domain.

Additional Help

How to Login/Check Email Via Webmail - Away from your home computer? Check and send emails anywhere with Our-Town Webmail!

Computer Maintenance Tips - Your computer will not run well unless you do weekly maintenance. Here are some tips which may help you avoid expensive computer software and hardware repair costs.

Useful Links - Useful web sites for spyware removal, anti-virus information, filtering software, and more.

Need More Support? - Stop by our office, e-mail us, or give us a call and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

When you call us for support we will do everything we can to help you over the phone. If the tech needs to perform additional support by controlling your machine remotely he or she will ask for your consent ad then you may click HERE to login to the remote support system

Please do not login to this system before calling us because you will not be helped, it is only active after a tech here at Our-Town confirms your consent.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Software

Our-Town's Recommendations - This is a collection of software for virus and spyware protection that Our-Town recommends. We have used this software and find it very effective. There are direct links where you can purchase or download a trial version of all these pieces of software.