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Connect Assist

Q: What is Connect Assist?

A: Connect Assist is Our-Town Internet's new techsupport membership program. Members pay nothing for all onsite service calls for a small monthly fee added to their bill.

Q: What services are eligible for Connect Assist?

A: Connect Assist is availble for ALL Our-Town's Internet services and for ALL customers who's billing is not in default.

Q: What does Connect Assist cover?

A: Connect Assist covers all types of onsite tech support service calls for all the Internet services Our-Town offers. Without Connect Assist, current onsite service call charges are minimum $60 for each onsite service call and $60.00 each hour. Connect Assist does not cover any hardware that might be needed to fix your problem, unless the hardware is currently owned by Our-Town Internet Services, LLC.

Q: How much does Connect Assist cost?

A: Connect Assist only costs $8.95 per month.

Q: How do I sign up for Connect Assist?

A: For new customers let us know when you sign up. For existing customers please call 254-965-4323 and say "I want Connect Assist on my account!"